Web Services

This project is under NDA.

This last summer I worked at AWS as a UX Design Intern where I was the sole designer for a new customer-facing feature regarding multi-account permissions management. For more information on the project, please contact me. Here are a few important things I learned during my internship.

| Things will probably change once, twice, twelve times.

Whether it is a revisit of the customer requirements, a new development constraint, or a change in project priority, something will come up during the design process that will force me to rethink the problem. I learned to rise to that challenge.

| Think about the Big Picture at every stage of design.

When first ideating a solution or when things change and I go back to the drawing board, I should always remember the larger context I am designing within. No single feature is a stand-alone experience.

| Speak up, and keep speaking up.

As a UX Designer, I was responsible for representing the customers' needs in every meeting. I learned to advocate for my users in all facets of the project beyond visual design, such as during MVP feature selection and inter-team collaboration discussions.