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Home Screen & Fitness Tracking

DEC 2018 - JUN 2019

How do we direct skiers to high-priority services in extreme environments?


Bomber Ski

Worked directly with CEO


Mobile UX Designer


Information Hierarchy, Prototyping


Bomber Ski is a luxury ski retail startup looking to develop into a full lifestyle brand. To move this direction, they are building out their offerings of exclusive membership events, concierge services, and fitness technologies, which they are hoping to have their customers manage via a mobile app. I worked directly with the Bomber Ski CEO to draft designs for their entire mobile app experience and ideate features and services that Bomber could offer. With the plethora of features we came up with, my main focus was designing a home page that made customers' high-priority features quickly accessible and encouraged members to explore Bomber's up-and-coming services.


I prioritized features for the home page based on customer urgency and value for Bomber Ski. Activities of high customer urgency included features users would need to access quickly in the context-of-use, like while they are skiing on the cold mountain.

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 12.35.58

Features with high value to Bomber and medium-high customer urgency were selected for the home page. The highest-priority feature we noted was accessing Bomber's live fitness tracker & ski coach, as customers would use this on-mountain when their fingers are getting cold holding their phones and they are trying to get back to skiing as fast as possible. I made a storyboard to better understand the interaction before moving onto designing the screen.









In the end, the company did not have the funding to tackle their ambitious mobile app development plan, and the the project has been deprioritized.

If I had more time and resources, I would have explored the following:


Conducting on-mountain usability tests of the fitness tracking feature

I would want to know if there were any technical issues skiers had with the tracking process itself, such as the pre-ski countdown being too short / long or issues with ending sessions, and if the users have access to the stats and information they need during their on-mountain session. 


Collect and analyze click heatmap data for the home screen

Click data give a more objective view of which features our users prioritize and the effectiveness of the placement of call-to-action's for Bomber's high company value features, such as demo booking. Comparing this data with navigation stats from the app menu would give me a sense of the success of the home screen design.

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